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"I didn't know anything about low-code, but then again, I didn't need to! Flowfactory taught us everything we needed to know, and today, there aren't many skeptics left."

The healthcare administration in Region Stockholm replaced time-consuming paper processes with a digital, tailor-made case management system


In order to handle all the cases that came in to the healthcare administration, Region Stockholm used several paper-heavy processes to manage all these applications, relying on printed PDF files and Excel documents throughout.


In 2020, they sought help from Flowfactory to build a digital case management system, and today they have much faster and simpler processes for both administrators and grant-seeking organizations.



"The tailor-made application facilitates legally secure handling since activities such as notifications and follow-up activities now can be automated. The platform gave us maximum flexibility in a way we never expected."

Resursen Sverige AB needed to replace the technical platform on which Provisum was built, as it was reaching its end of life. 


Resursen has been using Flowfactory since 2020 for both its internal systems and, more importantly, to offer the tailored case management system Provisum to its customers in guardianship administration.


A significant advantage was being able to develop a system closely aligned with the needs of guardians and the organization.

"Flowfactory provides us with user-friendly access to customers, products, agreements and quotations in one single system.

It also gives us direct support for our business processes."

Siemens needed to improve their sales process by connecting products, customers and contracts. 

The application includes a proposal generator, pricing tool, opportunity management, budgeting, and reporting.


Flowfactory has been integrated with several systems such Siemens' e-commerce, Siemens' product data management, SAP and Oracle. The application is available on different devices.   

"Thanks to the Flowfactory platform we have been able to increase the scope of functionality much quicker. It also enabled us to change the business model and run GarantiXL in the cloud, as a SaaS solution.
The platform provides a modern interface, standardized functions and also the great flexibility to integrate own modules to the application." 

Login Hasselberg has created a software called GarantiXL.


The application is delivered as a service to law firms managing bankruptcies. Currently, the product is used by 140 law firms and has been on the market for over 15 years. A few years ago Login Hasselberg decided to migrate to Flowfactory to speed up development and to free up resources for increased focus customer demands.

"For us, Flowfactory is the perfect platform when we develop tailored applications for our different customers. Development on this platform saves us lots of time since you don't have to code everything. The time we free-up can, in turn, be used to focus on making sure we add business value to our customers. Flowfactory allows us to use a wider range of business competencies to handle development."

Mindflower wanted to be at the forefront of technology and speed up their application development capabilities.

Mindflower is an IT Consultant that specialised in e-commerce and business process automation.

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