Kick-start your ideas –  join our quick onboarding program and start creating your apps in a visual environment using drag and drop and visual business logic. 


Integrate with any system or application using open APIs. 


Be agile and create your apps in small steps and invite your users into the process.


Get support and insight from our customer success team to make sure you get your application up and running as quickly as possible.


Ready to launch? Launch your app with one single click.
Take advantage of the full stack environment where the user interface, application logic, and data is connected within one solid platform.
Iterate, improve and make continuous releases to stay ahead of the market.
Future safe your applications by letting them grow with your business on a platform that can scale up dynamically.

Full stack

We've got you covered – Flowfactory is the only environment you need for handling your applications and launch them to your end users.


  • You have access to a complete cloud based development environment where you can build, test, launch, and manage your applications. 

  • Deliver your applications as a service via the cloud, including a solid payment solution to handle your revenues.

  • The platform scales computing power and storage dynamically as your user base grows.

As a Service

As a Service

Forget about upfront investments for infrastructure and development tools. You buy it all as a service. The price structure will be fully predictable to perfectly match your business model.


What this means:


  • No need to think about Capital Expenditures for hardware, dev-tools, bandwidth, or storage.

  • Cloud-based delivery gives you a care-free environment with dynamic scalability, security, and storage with continuous redundant back-ups.


You just create, launch, and relax.


General purpose

Flowfactory is a powerful low-code platform - suitable for everything from extensive, complex business systems, to small niche applications. 

Future safe

The platform scales automatically as your user base grows and when you expand your applications with new functionality. 


Our platform can handle complex processes, large volumes of users and data - and is open for any type of integration.


Your data is safely stored inside of Swedish borders using a modern and secure architecture and technology.


Flowfactory is a standard platform with a large number of active applications and users. It has a proven track record of superb quality. 


No lock-in

We would hate to see you go, but - if your business takes a new direction along the way - you are always free to export your data and leave us for other options.

Attractive price model

As a standard, you pay per named user. Depending on your business model there are also other options, like e.g. paying per transaction.

Version Management

Easy management development, test and release versions. Build teams and organisations directly in our platform


Tech brief
Learn more about the Flowfactory platform

This Tech Brief contains:

  • Architecture Overview
  • Platform Overview
  • Key parts of a Flowfactory application
  • Hosting environment
  • Technology


Techbrief screenview-1

Platform Overview

Platform Circle

Flowfactory Studio

Build your applications

You build your application in the Flowfactory Studio. This is where you create and manage entities, views, and workflows for the application.

Build your applications

Visual environment

Collaboration first

GO Application Portal

Get control of your applications

In this portal you manage your applications, the different versions of them as well as the users that have access to your application.

✓ Structure your applications

✓ Test and manage versions

✓ Share and reuse components

Web Application

Great end user experience

This is the where your application runs and your end users access your applications

✓ End user experience

✓ Test and verify your apps 

An application platform to power your digital experiences


Flowfactory uses a visual data modeling tool where you efficiently create and update your models as your application evolves.


Persistence of your data model is handled by the platform where the model is optimized for secure persistence and fast queries.


Business Logic

With workflows, you visually build your business logic using intuitive blocks and functions that cover all your business needs.

Workflows gives you the overview you need and lets you involve all levels of your business in creating the perfect solution.


Need that extra function or special logic? Well, you can always extend your business logic with custom code if needed.


Beautiful apps and solid user experiences are key for a successful application. With Flowfactory you design your application using a visual Drag n’ Drop interface.


WYSIWYG is taken to another level with our unique real time updates, meaning that every change you make immediately reflects in your running application. This will save you time and ensures that your user experience is perfect.



We know that no app is an island, and that integration is key to your success. But we also know that integrations can absorb the lion's share of your energy and resources.


Flowfactory makes this simple by using its model and business logic tools to create humanly readable visual APIs.


Receive and handle request from any system and consume data from any API. It’s all done in minutes, and you can easily follow how your data flows and how logic is applied.


Flowfactory is Microservice ready and lets you create fully managed Microservices in a controlled and secure way.

Microservice ready

With the Flowfactory platform you can center your development approach around APIs, opening for a microservices architecture. Break down your application into a set of smaller independent Flowfactory services that are developed, deployed, maintained and consumed separately.


Moving forward, when processes changes or when new ones are introduced, with Flowfactory you can quickly respond and adapt to modern requirements.


Microservice architectures also enable accelerated project delivery by reusing services in new projects. We make services easily discoverable across teams, projects and business contexts.

Custom Code

Custom Code

Our platform can handle almost every scenario but sometimes you need that special feature or logic. No problem, you can extend all parts of the platform when needed using custom code and custom controls.


We support creating extensions that wrap standard C# code into new building blocks which can be used and reused in applications. This also includes Custom UI Controls.