AGILITY is KEY in the new age of manufacturing

The manufacturing industry today is facing unprecedented change. Disruption threatens from all sides, including the acceleration of digitization, supply chain challenges, shifting buyer preferences, volatility from geopolitical conflict and the global pandemic, and the need to shift to new business models. In this new era of manufacturing, only the agile will survive.


The drive to digitize and automate creates challenges and opportunities


Now more than ever, manufacturers need to increase competitiveness by improving efficiency and reducing costs. Digital transformation is key to achieving these goals. As firms race to realize Industry 4.0 and leverage powerful technologies, many find that insufficient IT resources, complex legacy systems and processes, and non-scalable homegrown solutions hamper innovation and slow growth.


Technologies reshaping manufacturing

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Digital Twins
  • 3D Printing
  • On-demand Manufacturing

Leading manufacturers take control with low-code


The benefits of low-code for manufacturing:

  • Achieve competitive advantage with perfectly tailored business applications

  • Continuously refine applications based on evolving needs

  • Empower business users to take an active role in the development process

  • Innovate faster by testing new ideas easily

  • Unleash creative power and foster
    collaboration throughout the organization






Increasingly, leading manufacturers take control with low-code applications

Working like an agile layer on top of existing systems, Flowfactory empowers integrations with legacy systems while ensuring applications are easy cost-effective to evolve as needs change.



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Focus on low-code: Siemens' path to customized digital processes

Learn how Siemens uses low-code to digitize its processes in no time. A solid example of a customized application for price and quotations.

In this webinar, Dennis Stam, Global Project Manager at Siemens, guides you through:

  • Why Siemens chose to simplify its quotation process using low-code
  • How they turned the extensive management of global agreements into an efficient process
  • How they used low-code to create a flexible, agile and scalable solution
  • How Siemens, with the help of Flowfactory's low-code platform, has created new competitiveness and achieved fantastic results!



Driving competitive edge at Siemens

Learn why Siemens chose Flowfactory’s low-code development platform to manage its sales quotation process globally.

  • 1000+ sales quotations sent daily
  • Global Rollout across 30+ countries by 2024
  • 10x application development speed
  • 1/10 application development cost
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