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March 1, 2024

Solve performance problems faster

Use the new Test Session Dashboard. Trace workflows step-by-step. See how long each step takes. And get detailed information about each query your app makes.

DECEMBER 15, 2023

Customize your Studio themes

Dark mode? Check. Light mode? Your choice. Theme selection gives you more control over the user experience.  

DECEMBER 1, 2023

Performance obsessed

Who doesn’t love the combo of speed and efficiency? Apps and test sessions now launch 3X faster. All with a smaller memory footprint.

NOVEMBER 1, 2023

Same workloads, fewer resources

Your apps now consume fewer resources to run the same workloads as before. And we even sped up login times. 

OCTOBER 15, 2023

Copy Views and Workflows

Copy and reuse both Views and Workflows in Studio. So you can spend less time on boilerplate. And more time building what matters.

OCTOBER 1, 2023

Customizable studio sidebar

Have it your way. 

Configure the Studio sidebar to fit the way you work best. 

MAY 1, 2023

Target performance bottlenecks

Now you can drill down into your application’s queries to see which ones are resource hungry. No more flying blind. 

APRIL 15, 2023

Introducing a giant leap in performance

Your Flowfactory apps just got faster.

Think faster loading and smoother scrolling. 

We did this by leaning out the data that’s sent between you and our servers. All while making our servers faster and taking a load off your web browser.


Say hello to Repeater

Sometimes lists of data need more than just rows and columns to be human-friendly. And that’s why we’ve introduced Card Views. Because your User Experience matters.

Now you can create custom Card Views to present your lists and repeating data. The entire palette of Flow Factory design controls is at your fingertips when you create your views. You can even choose to enable inline editing of your data. It’s your choice. 



Embedded Views are here

You spoke, we listened. 

It’s now possible to save your Views as reusable Components. You can then use these Embedded Views throughout your application. 

Need to make a change to a View that appears multiple times within your app? 

With Embedded Views, it’s no sweat. All you have to do is change the ONE Embedded View Component, and all its instances will update within your app. That’s a win when it comes to app maintenance.



A faster Flow Factory experience

Our developers call these changes “performance enhancements”. 

We think they’re being modest.

You’ll notice quicker, more fluid performance in your Flow Factory apps. Views render faster. And even modest computers and devices are seeing the benefits. 

It’s time to get on board!


JUNE, 12

High-quality development and enhanced mobile user experience

Responsive view control functionality  

Flowfactory already has a strong responsive user interface integrated into all our applications.

But sometimes you need to make some extra effort to reach the perfect user experience on a mobile device. In this release, we have introduced a feature that further enhances your possibilities to configure and adjust your mobile and tablet interfaces. You can now easily set up a mobile-specific design where the interfaces are optimized to reach the best look and feel. Your application will automatically recognize a mobile device and provide a more simplified view option. 

Flowfactory release 2.6.0


Another great control added

Multi-value select control is added to the always-expanding library of Flowfactory controls. Increasing efficiency when developing applications and giving the end user a great experience.

Multi value select is a new control that can be configured and added to any view in the Flowfactory studio. You will find it under Controls when creating and editing views.

It is super simple to configure, choose which type of entity that should be shown in the control, and bind it to a collection property in the entity that will hold the selected items. Choose the option for Property based list and you can bind it directly to a predefined collection on your entity.

Flowfactory 2.4.0


A new look and smart features

New smooth Workflow designer

Big changes in the 2.3 release. The workflow designer has been redesigned to make it easier to distinguish different workflow activities and giving it a cleaner look.

Group summaries in grids

A new great addition is the ability to add summary rows to your grid views. To make it even more amazing we also added summary rows to groups, giving the user full freedom to create analytical reports and aggregations.

Flowfactory 2.3.0


Custom UI Controls

Introducing Custom UI Controls in Flowfactory, now you can easily create your own visual components to enhance your applications user experience and take advantage of tailor made controls that fit your business case.

Custom UI Controls are created and bound to your Flowfactory models using HTML and Javascript-templates. Your controls are rendered live in your test application and you can immediately see your changes and create those final details without having to reload your application.

Once created you can reuse your Custom UI Controls in different views and even in different applications.

Flowfactory 2.2.0

DECEMBER 6, 2021

Quick Start

Getting started with your first Low Code application has never been easier. We have now introduced different developer levels to the application. Our low code development environment now adapts to your experience level and highlights and hides functionality depending on your selected level.

Selecting Beginner gives you a scaled down UI with focus on gettings started with the core concepts

Selecting Expert opens up for more advanced functionality


Flowfactory 2.1.0

NOVEMBER 5, 2021


In this new version of the platform you'll find functionality which turns integration into a seamless experience that will eliminate significant amount of time and financial investment.

The launch also includes new functionality to simplify user registration as well as several features that make the process of user-centric creation easier and smoother.

Flowfactory 2.0.0

MAY 11, 2021

GO redesign

We have redesigned GO to make it easier to create new applications and handle invitations of developers and application users and also to make it more pleasant to look at.

Flowfactory 1.9.0

MARCH 31, 2021

Workflow branch shortcuts

To speed up the workflow building process we have introduced workflow branch shortcuts. The shortcuts removes several manual steps when adding new workflow steps in a workflow by showing branch criteria alternatives to the user. When the user drops a workflow step on one of the branch criteria alternatives the criteria and the name of the branch is prefilled on the newly added branch.

flowfactory 1.8.0

JANUARY 21, 2021

Enchanced Studio configurator flexibility

The configurator now have more freedom when modifying an existing application in Studio.


NOVEMBER 9, 2020

Custom UI controls

We have added support for custom UI controls. This makes it possible to create UI controls that are not available as a standard UI controls in the platform.

Examples of type of controls that can be added are, Gantt chart, Pie chart and Scheduler.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

Cache fix in Flowfactory Studio

Multiple cache issues in Studio has been resolved. These include views not showing all entity properties before entity has been opened in entity designer and added properties not being present in workflow and view designer.

MARCH 3, 2020

Major update to Studio UI

For this release we have focused on the Flowfactory Studio and updating its visual appearance. We have updated all UI components used in the Studio and also underlying components to make it run more smoothly and stable. Most of the UI has been updated and several productivity features has been added.

This update also opens up for many more coming features in Studio which will speed up the development process even further.

Search buttons move to the side of the interface for easier access.

Flowfactory 1.5

FEBRUARY 25, 2020

Improved performance in grids

We have improved the performance for views that contain grids displaying collections that are connected to the view entity.

Faster startup of test instance

We have reduced the startup time of test instances with roughly 20 seconds. This is an ongoing work and we are working on further reducing this delay.

JANUARY 12, 2020

Dockerized hosting solution

We have changed the underlying technology of the platform to run all web clients in isolated docker containers. This not only gives us increased security, by ensuring that each application is isolated from other apps running in the Flowfactory cloud, but also makes it possible to scale up and out individual applications that require more resources. This change will allow us to have a truly scalable and elastic cloud hosting solution for Flowfactory applications.



Upgrade to Angular 8

We have now moved the web client to use Angular 8 as client side library. With this move we open up more possibilities for us to further optimize the web client for more responsiveness and better performance.

Don’t cache custom theme files

Virtual entities opens up use cases where you can handle data that is not persisted to storage. When you retrieve data from an external source or assemble data from several different entities in your application it can be presented as one single entity. This will be of great advantage for many different application types.


Style grid rows using CSS

You can now control the display of table rows using CSS instead of only setting background color. This gives you way more possibilities to control the look of table rows. You change the display of text, row height and many other ways to really make data stand out.


Application branding

By using the built in theme builder you can customize your application to create a unique experience. You can change the design of the login screen and the application itself and also the behavior of mobile apps added to the home screen through the manifest.json file for a more native-like experience.


Multi language support

You now have the ability to localize your application to have a broader reach for a single application. In the designer you add languages that your application will support and you can then add terms that can be translated for each language. These terms can then be used for display of labels, translation in workflow activities or even translation in custom code.

Flowfactory 1.1.1


New file upload control

A new version of the file upload control has been released that simplifies uploading and handling of files in workflows. Simply add a property of type binary data to your entity and add a Upload file activity to a workflow and you can store the file inside your entity by accessing the output parameter File data.


Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 10.05.27


Hide grid columns based on criteria

You can now define criteria on grid columns that will automatically hide or show them depending on other data on your screen or the user.

Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 10.15.49


Hide grid columns based on criteria

You can now define criteria on grid columns that will automatically hide or show them depending on other data on your screen or the user.

Themed login screen

We spiced up the login screen with a background image and some more colors!

Flowfactory 1.0.9-1


Grid row styling

Grid row styling allows you to define business rules for coloring grid rows based on values in the entities. For example, you can define that all overdue invoices should have a red background color and it will be shown like this at all places in your application.

Flowfactory 1.0.8


File upload and download

Support for file upload and download has been added which makes it easy to add uploading of files in your application. Using the existing platform support for reading and writing Excel files you can easily create import and export functionality for data.

Globalization support

The web client will use whatever culture you have defined in your web browser for correct display of dates, numbers etc. This will be automatically applied without requiring any special effort from the developer.


Dynamic UI

The UI is now dynamically updated when fields are changed to reflect changes that has occurred on the server side. This opens up support for property events in the web client.

Inline editing in grid

You can now edit fields directly in the grid. Support has been added for text, numeric, boolean and date fields.

Flowfactory 1.0.6