Flexible case management systems

Many public sector employees with administrative duties spend their days struggling with manual tasks and sluggish systems. Systems that are a bad fit for the organization contribute to a poorer working environment, higher staff turnover and difficulties in meeting operational goals in a smooth manner. Public sector organizations need digital systems that can easily adapt to the needs of the organization — both now and in the future.


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As many organizations seek to modernize their processes and enhance their critical systems, highly tailored digitalization creates new ways of working and opportunities to take advantage of employee skill sets and experience.

Many are realizing the power of customized case management systems and automated processes that reduce costs and improve the user experience.

Happy employees are crucial for leaders to achieve their objectives. Case management systems that are perfectly adapted to core processes will be a requirement in 2023 and beyond.


Technologies offering significant opportunities for public organizations:

  • Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Low-code
  • Sustainability

How tailored digitized case management contributes to an enhanced working life

There is a way to improve employee satisfaction while also improving organizational performance: a tailored case management system built exclusively for your organization using low-code development technology.


The benefits of low-code technology for public sector case management systems:

  • The visual interface enables direct collaboration between low-code developers and administrative employees, speeding up the development process and creating an application that is designed to meet the needs of administrators perfectly.

  • Administrative employees contribute directly to system development with their experience and unique knowledge, having fun and being creative in the process.

  • Infinite flexibility – the system can be adapted as organizational needs change.

  • Fast and easy integrations with other systems.

  • Flowfactory has deep experience with Swedish public sector digitalization projects, including Region Counties (Region Stockholm) municipalities (Provisum) and government authorities (Specialpedagogiska skolmyndigheten and Länsstyrelserna).





User-friendly, tailored case management systems for all Chief Guardian administrations in Sweden

Learn about Provisum - the case management system that streamlines and simplifies processes for administrators within Chief Guardian administrations in Swedish municipalities.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Maximum flexibility
  • High level of security
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The healthcare administration in Region Stockholm replaced time-consuming paper processes with a digital, tailor-made case management system

In order to handle all the cases that came in to the healthcare administration, Region Stockholm used several paper-heavy processes to manage all these applications, relying on printed PDF files and Excel documents throughout.

In 2020, they sought help from Flowfactory to build a digital case management system, and today they have much faster and simpler processes for both administrators and grant-seeking organizations.



Public sector organizations are increasingly harnessing the power of low-code technology

Flowfactory's platform can help municipalities and other public organizations streamline and simplify the working day for thousands of workers. Low-code development ensures that solutions are cost-effective, modern, and perfectly tailored to the needs of the organization.


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