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  • Flowfactory and low-code solutions can streamline the digitalization of manual processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


  • You can develop bespoke business applications in a cost-effective way.


  • Flowfactory is effective for system integration, fostering a flexible environment of user-friendly applications.


  • Organizations in both the public and private sectors are successfully implementing Flowfactory to advance their digital capabilities.

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"It was actually very enjoyable. We felt involved and a part of the solution, rather than just being presented with a solution three months later. This way, we could influence it at an early stage instead of providing feedback afterward. Then, there was a sense of pride in having helped create the system!"


Lis-Marie Kanon

Handläggare på Region Stockholm

"First and foremost, it was very quick to get a first version of the application up and running, and everything felt stable from the beginning.

But most importantly, it was easy to further develop and refine based on user feedback and changing needs."


Anna-Karin Wistrand

Produktägare, Provisum

"Our salespeople have received exactly the tailored support they need throughout the process.


This has led to our customers experiencing a consistent, professional service every time."




Dennis Stam

Global Project Manager på Siemens