Release notes

High-quality development and enhanced mobile user experience


Responsive view control functionality  

Flowfactory already has a strong responsive user interface integrated into all our applications. But sometimes you need to make some extra effort to reach the perfect user experience on a mobile device. In this release, we have introduced a feature that further enhances your possibilities to configure and adjust your mobile and tablet interfaces. You can now easily set up a mobile-specific design where the interfaces are optimized to reach the best look and feel. Your application will automatically recognize a mobile device and provide a more simplified view option. 




Does this mean that you have to configure all your applications for different mobile devices now? Of course not. You decide when you prefer to use the feature to enhance the mobile experience for specific views or use cases. Even if you don't configure your mobile view specifically you always get a nice-looking responsive user interface.    

Validation control 

Validation is one of the keywords for the 2.6 release. High-quality development is key to successful application projects, and identifying configuration errors in an early stage are crucial. In this release, we make it more smooth to spot configuration errors before deployment and guide you on how to correct them in real-time.  

You always get validations to ensure that your application is working properly, regardless of what area of the Studio environment you are working in. 

All your configuration errors are shown clearly in your start view when you work on your workflows and in the list view.


validation list

Validation 2


Entity live updates

Already last year we made it possible to see the visual result of everything you do, in real-time as you build. But we didn't stop there. Now you can see all modifications in the data model being incorporated instantly into your application, without restarting the test session. The new feature gives you the possibility to make changes in your entity and watch them go live in your test session at the same time.