Release notes

Another great control added


Multi-value select control is added to the always-expanding library of Flowfactory controls. Increasing efficiency when developing applications and giving the end user a great experience.



Multi value select



Multi value select is a new control that can be configured and added to any view in the Flowfactory studio. You will find it under Controls when creating and editing views.


It is super simple to configure, choose which type of entity that should be shown in the control, and bind it to a collection property in the entity that will hold the selected items. Choose the option for Property based list and you can bind it directly to a predefined collection on your entity.



Property based list


In the end-user web application the control will render as a standard dropdown and when activated it will display all items that can be selected and the user can simply check the boxes for the items needed. Selecting an item will add it to the collection on your entity and deselecting an item will remove it.