Release notes

Release date: September 1, 2021


In this new version of the platform you'll find functionality which turns integration into a seamless experience that will eliminate significant amount of time and financial investment.


The launch also includes new functionality to simplify user registration as well as several features that make the process of user-centric creation easier and smoother.



We know that no app is an island and that integration is key to your success. But we also know integration work is what can absorb the lion's share of your energy and resources.

In Flowfactory we have created functionality that makes it possible to easily create and consume APIs,


The new functions open up for a new and very efficient way to build applications within an organization. Now you can build applications that implement one or more business processes in the organization and then, by creating an API, you can share that functionality within the whole organisation.

This also opens up for the possibility to extend your applications with functionalities that are available in the cloud. This means you don’t have to build everything by yourself,instead you can use the great services provided by SaaS providers.

No more data islands and duplication of logic. Everything you build is possible to share and consume in just a few clicks - not months!


REST Publish

The REST Publish functionality gives you the power to let other applications benefit from the functionality you have developed. You have full control over how the API you publish should look and you decide if you want to publish parts of the data model to other applications, or if you want to publish functionality that can be used from the connecting applications.


REST Publish

REST Consume

The REST Consume functionality makes it easy to connect a Flowfactory application to external APIs. This makes it very easy for you to extend your application with functionality that is provided by applications in the organization or by external applications. For example you can add functionality for document signing, business information retrieval, issue tracking, positioning and route planning.


REST Consume


OpenAPI (Swagger) Publish

To make it even easier to integrate with a Flowfactory application, we have added the possibility to create OpenAPI definitions from the REST API that you have built. This makes it super easy for external applications to build connections to Flowfactory applications.


OpenAPI (Swagger) Consume

Even if it is very easy to build an integration to another application by configuring it in Flowfactory Studio it is even easier when the application provides an OpenAPI definition. You just upload the OpenAPI document in Flowfactory Studio and the basis for the integration is done for you automatically.


GO User registration portal

To make it easy to onboard users to your applications we have added the possibility to create a user registration portal for the application.

You can customize it by setting the logo, texts and the condition link.

The user is verified by email confirmation.

Language support for Swedish and English.


GO User registration portal