Release notes

Release date: 9 november 2020


Custom UI controls

We have added support for custom UI controls. This makes it possible to create UI controls that are not available as a standard UI controls in the platform.

Examples of type of controls that can be added are, Gantt chart, Pie chart and Scheduler.


Studio springboard functionality

It is now possible to create list view, edit view and workflows for add, edit and delete for an entity by using the new springboard function. This functions removes all the manual work to create the views and workflows. You can of course adjust the created views and workflows if you want to.

Create import definitions from Excel

To create a new import definition you can upload an Excel file and the import columns will created from the columns in the Excel file with correct data types.


Other fixes

  • Simplified handling when adding custom activities.

  • Quick test session startup.

  • Report designer stability.

  • Possibility to run a workflow on column click in a grid.

  • Static parameters in workflows.

  • Studio cache bug fixes.