Release notes
Release date: 25 Feb 2020


Dockerized hosting solution

We have changed the underlying technology of the platform to run all web clients in isolated docker containers. This not only gives us increased security, by ensuring that each application is isolated from other apps running in the Flowfactory cloud, but also makes it possible to scale up and out individual applications that require more resources. This change will allow us to have a truly scalable and elastic cloud hosting solution for Flowfactory applications.


Property tooltips

This feature is a great addition for adding informative tooltips to your applications. When you define a tooltip in your entity model, that tooltip is automatically displayed in your application wherever you add input fields for it.


Studio updates

In this release there are several Flowfactory Studio updates. One of the major things is an update of the Report Designer to make it more responsive and intuitive. With the Report Designer you can add powerful search pages to your applications to present aggregated views of your data.



  • Layout fix for issues with vertical layout heights.

  • Minor theme updates.