Release notes

Application branding

By using the built in theme builder you can customize your application to create a unique experience. You can change the design of the login screen and the application itself and also the behavior of mobile apps added to the home screen through the manifest.json file for a more native-like experience.



Virtual entities

Virtual entities opens up use cases where you can handle data that is not persisted to storage. When you retrieve data from an external source or assemble data from several different entities in your application it can be presented as one single entity. This will be of great advantage for many different application types.


Local selection for application instance

By using a single application definition you can publish it as separate instances that can use their own local settings for display of texts and numeric formats.



We are continuously working on performance optimization. In this release we have reduced loading time for the most complex views up to 60 times.


Low code developer technical documentation

We are continuously working on improving the overall experience for our low-code developers. Our library now covers support material, technical documentation and best practice examples for the entire process – setting up, creating, publishing and upgrading applications.