Quicker and smoother
with activity tracking
and live updates

There are lots of new great stuff in this release. Let’s have a look at some highlights!

  • Track changes in the development process
    Flowfactory Studio now supports change tracking, with detailed views of all changes that are made to your application, including Entities, Views and Workflows.

  • Instant visual presentation 
    With Live Updates you can see all your changes to the CSS - in real time - directly in the application when you work.

  • Multi-file upload of Custom Activities
    Upload all your Custom Assemblies in one action.

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Track changes in the development process


A smooth and efficient development process is crucial to project success. One key element to keep pace is to be able to track all changes that are made during the development cycles. In a large team, this visual tracking is becoming even more important to reach the full potential of collaboration and great working experience.

Flowfactory Studio now supports change tracking, with detailed views of all changes that are made to your application. With this new functionality, the platform tracks all changes made to Entities, Views and Workflows. The details are easily accessible in the Flowfactory Studio, presenting information on when the change was done, in what part of the application, and by whom.

In the dashboard, you can simply click any of the changes to open up the workspace and view the changes.

The Recent Changes dashboard also makes it easy for developers to easily get an overview of where they left off and where they should get started again.

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Instant visual presentation 

With CSS you can create a unique look and feel for your application and give your users an extraordinary user experience. But getting all CSS details in place is normally a hard and time-consuming exercise. With our new feature Live Updates this will become a lot easier and smoother. Now you’ll see all your changes to the CSS - in real time - directly in the application when you work. This more interactive way of working makes it possible for you to really focus on the finer details to get it all perfect.

In Flowfactory Studio you can now simply start a test session of your application and then create and update your CSS Theme in the Studio. The CSS will show immediately in your test session application.



Multi-file upload of Custom Activities


The Flowfactory platform supports adding your own .NET assemblies to be used as a ready function in the platform. Sometimes you need to add multiple Custom Assemblies or you need to add a .PDB debugging file along with your Custom Assembly. This is now possible in one action - by selecting upload Custom Assembly and then selecting all the files to add or update in the platform. 

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