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Many Flowfactory customers invest in various consulting and configuration services to get the most out of their Flowfactory platform and applications. Here our certified partners will play a vital role. The most intensive period, from a consulting perspective, is the initial implementation project.


After an application launch, rollout, and training phase our certified partners can continue to provide additional services to further develop applications and integrations - to ensure  they provide optimal business benefit to our customers over time. 

Solution Partners

Solution Partners are highly valuable to Flowfactory, as they make it easier for our customers to get the most out of their Flowfactory solutions regardless of maturity, scope, and geographic location.


Solution Partners sell our products and add value with their deep customer understanding, configuration, and project management skills. 


Typically, our Solution Providers also sell add-on services, such as SLAs and integration projects to provide a complete solution for the customer.


In addition to your consulting services (which is your own business), as a certified Solution Provider - you will also get commission on your customers' subscriptions fees, paid by to us during the first year of service.



Sales Partners
Referral Partners

Flowfactory have established relationships with consultants that add value to customers, but that for different reasons are not able to provide delivery capabilities.


Still, there might be obvious opportunities for you to leverage your market understanding and existing client relationships, by evaluating if Flowfactory matches customers’ requirements.


Flowfactory offers Sales Partners commission on first year subscription fees for qualified leads that are successfully converted to customers.

Help us spread the word on how Low-code can help customers speed up their digital journey up to 10 times!


If you know someone that you think could benefit from creating their next application on Flowfactory Low-code platform - let us know, and we will make sure you get a thank you that can make a difference.


We offer our referral partners 5% commission on the first year subscriptions fees from leads that become customers within 6 months. You can choose to receive the commission in cash, or let us put it into a great cause in your name. 

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