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Tired of inflexible systems that weren't designed with your needs in mind?

The Flowfactory low-code platform empowers business users and IT to join forces, creating applications that are perfectly tailored to your organization’s unique requirements – fast, cost-effective and with predictable results.

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A system made for the users, by the users

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The first version of our tailored case handling application was up very fast, and stable right from the start. But above all, it’s easy to refine and develop over time based on user feedback and evolving needs. The app was clearly developed by case handlers for case handlers, and that’s why it is successfully implemented in over 45 Swedish municipalities
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Tailored for our complex pricing and quotation

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With Flowfactory we’ve built a custom application perfectly tailored for our complex pricing and quotation process. The platform, in combination with its forward-thinking development approach, challenged traditional systems, off-the-shelf products, and other technologies within Siemens, and the application is now rolled out globally
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Customized case handling app in

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With Flowfactory we’re building customized digital support for our unique case handling processes in no-time, with the users tightly involved in the development process. The striking results: increased productivity and satisfaction among employees, as well as improved quality and safety for our citizens.  and the application is now rolled out globally
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What if you had the power to create every application your organization needs?  

We know it’s almost impossible to keep up with all new development needs,
much less maintain what’s already out there. The Flowfactory platform augments
your development power. By combining modern low-code and AI technology,
the Flowfactory platform empowers you to create future-safe
enterprise-grade applications with much less effort. 

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The developer's best friend

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The platform provides a modern interface with standardized functions, combined with the great flexibility to code and integrate your own modules. The perfect balance of drag and drop and custom code makes it the developer’s best friend. 

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Frees up time for creativity

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At first, I was a little skeptical because it’s not “real coding”. But I quickly realized it freed me up to focus on the fun parts of development, like being creative and solving problems, and now it’s the only way I want to work.

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Delivers value for money

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Flowfactory is the perfect platform when our customers ask for tailored applications for their unique needs. The platform enables us to quickly test new ideas and deliver high value for the money. 

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Makes me feel like a hero

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As a developer, Flowfactory has everything I need to create incredibly powerful applications with no technical debt. It makes me feel like a hero instead of a bottleneck!

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One platform - augmented power

We've got you covered – Flowfactory is the only environment you need for easily building, testing, launching and managing your enterprize-grade applications and smoothly integrating them with your other core systems.




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