Employee Experience

 For Manufacturing 
”The feedback from my colleagues is that it´s a great tool, easy to use- and all in one solution - no one will ever return to the old systems. 😊”


Great Employee Experience drives Engagement – engagement drives RESULTS.


Eliminate complexity. Quickly deliver integrated applications that
 consolidates information and automates processes

so that the employees can focus on what they do best with minimum hassle.


Flowfactory is an Employee Experience low-code platform that lets manufacturing companies create integrated, tailored solutions to drive engagement by consolidating and automating – the result should be an amazing
Employee Experience, every day.


Advance your opertations faster and cheaper with integrated applications. 



Easy to use, declarative and powerful.


Fulfill all your business application needs on one platform. Maintain efficiency and competitive edge.

Enterprise Grade

Our platform can handle complex processes, large volumes of users and data.

Cost Efficiency

Create your applications 5-10 times faster compared to traditional methodologies. Use fewer resources.

As a Service

Focus on what’s core to your business. Leave the rest to us. It’s all in the cloud.

As Easy as it Gets

Forget about coding. Creating apps is easy. 

Flowfactory low-code development platform is easy to use, declarative and powerful.  

Get Inspired

Join the low-code revolution!

Join the low-code revolution!

Businesses need to embrace the change and create digital strategies covering Customers, Presence, Offerings and Processes.



I detta whitepaper som vi har tagit fram tillsammans medIDG, ger vi dig kunskap om Low-Code så att du kan utvärdera hur tekniken skulle kunna användas

Tech Brief

Tech Brief

The platform is a full stack solution where web applications are built in a visual environment using drag and drop.