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At Flowfactory, customer privacy is an important priority. We manage the personal information which you give us when you’re in contact with us on the website, at meetings, at seminars or at the website, via mail or via chat.

With personal information, we mean information that could be used to identify you as an individual. It could be your name, e-mail or phone number.


Our goal is to use the data to follow up and keep helping you as a customer with solving your problems, but we also gather information from you who are not yet a customer but have shown interest, so that we could contact you regarding our products.


We are responsible for managing your personal information and making sure that GDPR regulations are being followed. We don’t keep sensitive information unless there is mutual consent.


A GDPR-compliant product

It’s important to us that you feel safe regarding GDPR when you use our product. Therefore we have made sure that the product itself is compliant with the GDPR regulations.


Decisions and routines on your side

You will be gathering a lot of information when using our product, and we want you to be able to decide what information to store. We’ve made it easy for you, and you'll be able to choose whether to keep information, for how long you keep it and, if possible, you can make it anonymous.



FAQ - How is data being processed in Flowfactory?

How you are seen as an individual

If you pay for and distribute Flowfactory licenses for your coworkers/end users, you are regarded as a client.
If you have a user account with Flowfactory, you are regarded as an end-user.


What types of data are being stored in Flowfactory?

With Flowfactory, you can build any type of application within the platform, and you can use any type of data to populate your application. Therefore, the client or end-user can process any data they consider to have a legitimate reason to store.


When it comes to user accounts, this is the information we store:


  • Username
  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Other, like profile picture and language preferences.


Audit logs:


  • User activity. We store information when users create, read, update or delete anything on the platform.


System logs:


  • IP-number
  • Login attempts
  • User activity


How long does Flowfactory keep personal data from data owners?

As long as the client or end-user wants, or until the client migrates or chooses to delete data.
The data is stored in a backup for 30 extra days after deletion before it is completely deleted.


How long does Flowfactory keep personal data from the end user?

As long as the client wants, or until the client wants to delete the user account.


For legal reasons, we will keep audit logs for at least 5 years, or delete them when the client stops being a paying



For security reasons, we will also keep data in system logs that are owned by Flowfactory for at least 5 years.


Where is the data being stored?

We store all of the Flowfactory data in Sweden.


Who owns the data?

The legal owner of this data is the client. We refer to the client as the data controller in this aspect.
The client owns the audit logs, and we at Flowfactory own the system logs



How is data being processed in Flowfactory’s internal CRM system

How you are seen as an individual

If you are a paying customer, you are regarded as a client.


What data is Flowfactory processing within their internal CRM system?

We use the contact information and keep an archive of any communication between Flowfactory and you as a client.


How long does Flowfactory keep personal data in their internal CRM system?

As long as we have an active business relation regulated in an agreement with the client, or as long as we intend on creating a business relationship that is regulated in an agreement.


Where is this data stored and who owns it?

The data we process in our internal CRM system (Hubspot) is stored in the USA.
Flowfactory is the owner of this data.

Read HubSpot's data processing agreement




If you have any questions regarding your personal information and how we use it - Feel free to contact us at privacy@flowfactory.se