Can you relate


Overwhelmed by excel chaos?

  • Monolithic Excel spreadsheets

  • Entangled in processes with forms, PDFs, signatures, manual operations, relentless emailing, and nudging

  • Case management that devours time

  • Unhappy citizens & staff


From Excel overload to efficient digital tools

  • Transform the process – tailored to your preferences

  • More efficient administration

  • Reliable and secure – your data is safe

  • A process that's enjoyable and truly yours!

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Quickly tailor solutions with Flowfactory and low-code

  1. Low-code – the innovative way to swiftly build custom applications


  2. It revolves around YOUR process – we create a tool that enhances YOUR workflow

  3. Secure, Swedish, and hassle-free – no tender process required


A collaborative journey to your finished application

  • Low-code – the innovative route to quick achievements

  • Putting your expertise in the spotlight – we co-develop Speedy checkpoints – fast-tracking to your objectives

  • And yes, it's enjoyable!
Customer Case: Region Stockholm

The healthcare administration in Region Stockholm replaced time-consuming paper processes with a digital, tailor-made case management system

Customer Case: Provisum

User-friendly, tailored case management systems for all Chief Guardian administrations in Sweden 


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