Resursen Sverige AB is a software company specializing in user-friendly case management systems for public organizations. Their system, Provisum, streamlines the daily work of administrators in Swedish Municipal Chief Guardian administrations.



Resursen needed to replace the technical platform on which Provisum was built, as it was reaching its end of life. After evaluating various alternatives, they chose Flowfactory's development platform, which quickly yielded positive results.


Anna-Karin Wistrand, who has worked in several Chief Guardian administrations and has been the product owner of Provisum since 2020, shares her thoughts on the transition to Flowfactory:  


-        First of all, it was very quick to come up with the first version of the application and everything felt stable right from the start. But above all, it was easy to further develop and refine the application based on user feedback and evolving needs.


-        The tailor-made application facilitates legally secure handling since activities such as notifications and follow-up activities now can be automated. The platform gave us maximum flexibility in a way we never expected.




Anna-Karin Wistrand
Product owner, Provisum

"Security is a top priority"


- Anna-Karin Wistrand, product owner at Provisum

Meeting customer needs with ease

Resursen has been using Flowfactory since 2020 for both its internal systems and, more importantly, to offer the tailored case management system Provisum to its customers in guardianship administration. A significant advantage was being able to develop a system closely aligned with the needs of guardians and the organization.


-    We have many customers in the public sector who have different needs, so it feels very good to be able to offer flexibility in our systems, thanks to Flowfactory, says Anna-Karin. We are also happy that it is possible to install the system on-premise, which is a requirement from our customers as the system handles sensitive personal data. Security is a top priority!


"I was a little skeptical at first, but I quickly realized that this was going to be a great solution"


- Anna-Karin Wistrand, product owner at Provisum

Skeptical of new technology

Initially, Anna-Karin was skeptical about the platform change and couldn't see the benefits of adopting more modern technology. She feared losing focus on what she considered most important: system stability.


- As a municipal official, I want the system to be stable and accessible at all times, so rapid changes and updates were not something I was too excited about. However, if you ask me today, I understand the benefits. After all, a system is a 'living project' that constantly needs adjustments and refinements. I particularly appreciate the multitasking and secure digital communication capabilities within the system, which, among other things, enables automatic diary keeping.


Expanding services throughout Sweden

Anna-Karin and the team at Resursen recognize the potential of Flowfactory's development platform and look forward to offering tailored solutions to more customers.  


-    The administrators who use our system think it's fast and easy to use, which is very exciting. I think it's clear that our system was developed by Chief Guardians for Chief Guardians. We hope that all of Sweden's guardianship administrations will use our case management system. We want to offer equally excellent service to Chief Guardian administrations across the country!


About Provisum

Provisum is a case management system that is available to all of Sweden's Chief Guardian administrations and has over 40 Swedish municipalities as customers. Read more at


About Resursen

Resursen aims to be the best provider of development, and maintenance of efficient and user-friendly systems for the public sector. They want to make it possible for municipalities of all sizes to offer equally good service to citizens, regardless of where in the country you live.

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