Siemens hade behov av att länka ihop produkter, kunder och kontrakt. För att få ut maximalt affärsvärde behövde de skräddarsy ett system utifrån deras egna, unika processer. Lösningen byggdes på en standardplattform - Flowfactory - då det gav dem det bästa av två världar.

To maximize efficient use of resources. Vendavo NWE as well as Pricing Light is shutdown to be replaced by DIOS, while process gaps that are highly manual can be improved and partially automated through holistic approach from quotation, pricing, agreements and approval workflows.

Project Process

Using existing business logic already implemented in one region, DIOS is based on a low-code platform which allows rapid development of business requirements on a global scale which can be made available to all regions


  • Proposal Generator

  • Pricing Tool

  • Opportunity Management

  • Complaints Management

  • Budgeting

  • Reporting


  • Siemens E-commerce

  • SAP

  • ORACLE On-demand

  • Siemens Product Data Management


The DIOS platform allows for the creation of quotations for any customers, but especially non-Mall customers. In addition, maintenance of agreements (incl. approvals) can be done in a transparent way with automated processing into ERP systems. Finally DIOS also includes a pricing decision module with integrated workflow approvals.


  • Low-code Platform Scalability

  • 10x speed at the 1/10 of the cost


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"The DIOS platform fills a long existing process gap and provides functionality to improve digitalization on top."