Date: May 28
Time: 08.00 - 08.30 CET
Language: English

Watch on demand: approx 30 minutes


In a landscape where change is the only constant, staying ahead of the competition demands agility, innovation, and a deep understanding of your unique strengths.


Join us for a webinar where Frida Höök from Flowfactory and Patrik Hallén from aRway unveil insights into carving out and delivering your competitive advantage in a saturated market.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Identify your company’s potential competitive edge and differentiating factor

  • Discern where standard systems can serve you and where your uniqueness must take the lead.

  • Set up your tech stack to support your uniqueness, while staying fast-paced and adaptive.


This webinar is about empowering you with the tools and insights necessary to build a tech stack that's robust and capable of supporting your company’s distinctive qualities while keeping you swift and responsive in a dynamic market.

Watch it today to transform your organization's potential into peak performance!

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Patrik Hallen


Frida Höök