Release date: May 11, 2021

GO redesign

We have redesigned GO to make it easier to create new applications and handle invitations of developers and application users and also to make it more pleasant to look at.

Live updates of views

Now you don’t even have to reopen the webview to see the result of your changes in Studio. The view is updated automatically directly when you save your changes in Studio.

Just like that!

Extended workflow debugger data viewer

We have improved the debugger so that you see more data for the current step in the workflow debugger.

This gives you a better understanding of how the workflow behaves and makes it easier to track down configuration mistakes.

Entity hub

To give you a better understanding of how an entity is used in an application we have redesigned the Entity view. The new Entity hub gives you an overview of the entity and the connected workflows, views, events and UI settings.

Query runner

Often you want to know right away what data is returned from a query to make sure that you have built it the right way. That’s why we have added the Query runner to Studio. In the Query runner you can take a query from a workflow or build a query from scratch and run it to see the result right away and then adjust it until it works as you intended.


CSS builder

To make it easier to test different CSS adjustments we have moved the CSS builder to Studio. This lets you test your CSS changes in an isolated environment before you deploy it together with the update application to the users of the application. It is also possible to switch between CCS templates.


UI Validations

Now you can let the user get direct feedback in the UI when there is missing data in a view. You set the properties in the model as required in Studio and then the platform makes sure that the user gets the right info regarding what’s required in the UI.

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Tobias Ransäter

Tobias Ransäter

Pre-Sales Engineer

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Flowfactory Studio


Build your applications

You build your application in the Flowfactory Studio. This is where you create and manage entities, views, and workflows for the application.

 Build your applications

 Visual environment

 Collaboration first

Web Application
Great end user experience

This is the where your application runs and your end users access your applications.

 End user experience

 Test and verify your apps

GO Application Portal
Get control of your applications

In this portal you manage your applications, the different versions of them as well as the users that have access to your application.

 Structure your applications

 Test and manage versions

 Share and reuse components