Release date: March 8, 2021

Workflow branch shortcuts

To speed up the workflow building process we have introduced workflow branch shortcuts. The shortcuts removes several manual steps when adding new workflow steps in a workflow by showing branch criteria alternatives to the user. When the user drops a workflow step on one of the branch criteria alternatives the criteria and the name of the branch is prefilled on the newly added branch.

Studio Test session dashboard

To make it easier to understand how an application works we have added the Test session dashboard. The dashboard lets the developer see what happens under the hood of the application when running the web client. The views that are opened and the workflows that are run during a test session are listed on the Test session dashboard. To open the view or workflow you just double click the row in the list. The dashboard also shows statistics for number of invocations of the workflows. This makes it easy to locate where to focus when doing performance improvement fixes.

Live updates of workflows and views

Another feature we have added that will improve productivity a lot are live updates of workflows and views. Live updates mean that when running the web client in a test session you can change a workflow or a view in Studio and the next time you run the workflow or open the view the changes are applied directly without the need of starting a new test session. This dramatically reduces the time needed to do adjustments to an application since you can see the result directly.


Workflow debugger

Having full control of how the application logic works when the application runs is essential when building high quality applications. That’s why we have added a debugger where you can set breakpoints in Studio and step through the workflows and inspect the data that is used in the workflows. This gives you insights on how you application behaves and makes it much easier to find bugs.

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Tobias Ransäter

Tobias Ransäter

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