Release date: 29 june 2020


Major update to Studio UI

For this release we have focused on the Flowfactory Studio and updating its visual appearance. We have updated all UI components used in the Studio and also underlying components to make it run more smoothly and stable. Most of the UI has been updated and several productivity features has been added.


This update also opens up for many more coming features in Studio which will speed up the development process even further.


  • Search buttons move to the side of the interface for easier access.

  • Possible to move tabs to another screen and detach/group them from Studio GUI.

  • Upgraded view editor with added possibilites to edit via tree view.

  • Model diagram view for entities.

Font based icons

You can now used font based icons for buttons and commands in the web client. Supported frameworks are Fontawesome 5 free icons and DevExpress.


The icons scale really well on all devices since they are vector based and not pixel based and it also makes it possible to change the color of all icons with a single CSS rule.


Icon is defined in Flowfactory Studio

Visit these sites to check out the icons:

Font awesome >>

DevExpress >>



Other fixes
  • Major updates under the hood for great future features!

  • Standard Windows Fonts where added to Docker images so PDF-reports work as expected.

  • Ribbon bar in web client would in some cases display small buttons as small. Small buttons are aligned correctly when containing less than 2 in one column.

  • Performance upgrade for workflow editor in studio.

  • Fixed bug where server restarts was needed when uploading custom code.

  • Fixed bug where entity model was cached on server.

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Tobias Ransäter

Tobias Ransäter

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