Release Date: 27 Mar 2020


Improved performance in grids

We have improved the performance for views that contain grids displaying collections that are connected to the view entity.

Faster startup of test instance

We have reduced the startup time of test instances with roughly 20 seconds. This is an ongoing work and we are working on further reducing this delay.

  • DevExtreme UI components updated to the latest version.

  • View layouts where incorrectly reinitialized during execution which reduced.

  • Theme generation failed in GO.

  • When clicking an already selected row it didn’t activate command bar buttons that where dependent on that data type.

  • Coloring of rows where broken in some cases.

  • You would get a certificate error message when launching test session from Studio.

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Tobias Ransäter

Tobias Ransäter

Pre-Sales Engineer

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Flowfactory Studio


Build your applications

You build your application in the Flowfactory Studio. This is where you create and manage entities, views, and workflows for the application.

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Web Application
Great end user experience

This is the where your application runs and your end users access your applications.

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 Test and verify your apps

GO Application Portal
Get control of your applications

In this portal you manage your applications, the different versions of them as well as the users that have access to your application.

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