Release Date: 11 Dec 2019


Upgrade to Angular 8

We have now moved the web client to use Angular 8 as client side library. With this move we open up more possibilities for us to further optimize the web client for more responsiveness and better performance.


Don’t cache custom theme files

Virtual entities opens up use cases where you can handle data that is not persisted to storage. When you retrieve data from an external source or assemble data from several different entities in your application it can be presented as one single entity. This will be of great advantage for many different application types.

Get login prompt when you click invite link for application

By using a single application definition you can publish it as separate instances that can use their own local settings for display of texts and numeric formats.

  • Import from Excel file skipped the first row during read.

  • Controls bound to entity child property where incorrectly updated.

  • Ribbon buttons had an extra background color.

  • Large ribbon buttons in web client where blurry for platform commands (such as save).

  • Checkbox control displayed as toggle where incorrectly aligned.

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Tobias Ransäter

Tobias Ransäter

Pre-Sales Engineer

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Flowfactory Studio


Build your applications

You build your application in the Flowfactory Studio. This is where you create and manage entities, views, and workflows for the application.

 Build your applications

 Visual environment

 Collaboration first

Web Application
Great end user experience

This is the where your application runs and your end users access your applications.

 End user experience

 Test and verify your apps

GO Application Portal
Get control of your applications

In this portal you manage your applications, the different versions of them as well as the users that have access to your application.

 Structure your applications

 Test and manage versions

 Share and reuse components