Release Date: 19 Feb 2019


Automatic restore of saved grid settings

You have the ability to save layout settings for grids that you have customized; columns that are hidden and the order that they are shown in. Now these settings are automatically restored if you have previously saved them.

New design on login screen

The login screen has gotten a new design and now displays name of the application as well as what version you are running.

CSS class on controls

To allow easier customization of apps you can now specify CSS class that is applied to controls at runtime. You can change all kinds of things from changing color of specific buttons to completely changing the way a certain grid looks.

CSS class on controls
Theme customization

To allow easier customizations of your app we have introduced an easier way to customize existing themes while minimizing required effort after version upgrade of the web client.

Checkbox as toggle button

Checkboxes can now be displayed as toggle buttons instead of ordinary checkboxes. They will look like buttons that are pressed when it is checked.

Performance optimizations

We have further optimized the performance of the web client both on the server and on the client side. Decreased memory footprint and increased stability on the server side and reduced data handling on the client.

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Tobias Ransäter

Tobias Ransäter

Pre-Sales Engineer

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Flowfactory Studio


Build your applications

You build your application in the Flowfactory Studio. This is where you create and manage entities, views, and workflows for the application.

 Build your applications

 Visual environment

 Collaboration first

Web Application
Great end user experience

This is the where your application runs and your end users access your applications.

 End user experience

 Test and verify your apps

GO Application Portal
Get control of your applications

In this portal you manage your applications, the different versions of them as well as the users that have access to your application.

 Structure your applications

 Test and manage versions

 Share and reuse components