Sweden's First Low-Code Platform Fuels Digital Journeys

Press contact:

Frida Höök

+46 70 303 3086

frida.hook@flowfactory.se                                                                                Release Date: June 9, 2017

Flowfactory, Sweden's first general-purpose low-code platform, launches out of beta today so that business people can create and manage a unified competitive layer of applications that propel business innovation, digitally connect with customers and streamline internal processes.


“Keeping up with the speed of digital transformation has until now meant spending lots of money and effort to deliver and maintain new apps and capabilities,” says Flowfactory co-founder and CEO Fredrik Lindqvist. “Our customers cut that time and effort down to a fraction of prior methods, developing and delivering applications faster, saving time and money – and maintaining everything within one low-code platform. “


Most organizations have an application layer that resembles a spaghetti bowl of independent business applications. It's hard to manage and time-consuming to update. Although this layer is often a mess from an IT-maintenance perspective, it is essential for the business. “We call this the competitive layer. It always existed - it's simply the technology-powered differentiation points that distinguish your business from competitors,“ Lindqvist said.


The digital evolution of business means that companies and teams need to move faster than ever to meet the needs of the marketplace - and software development teams are hard-pressed to keep up with the demand for new apps and functionality.


“Flowfactory aids both tech and business teams in this unending quest for speed.," says Flowfactory co-founder and CTO Stellan Andersson.  "Our technology is future-safe and meets the highest security standards, while also giving our customers an exceptional user experience that inspires them to build and run applications that deliver business value every day."



From a business perspective, the Flowfactory low-code platform becomes the empowerment layer of innovation. "We are thrilled to be launching the product out of beta and into web-access release here at the IDG - Digital Collaboration Stockholm," Lindqvist said.


Flowfactory is being used effectively by enterprises, IT consultants and independent software vendors:


  • CIOs expand the reach of their resources and digital initiatives.

  • Application developers and software architects speed the time to market for
    enterprise-level applications that can be developed and iterated in weeks.

  • Application portfolio managers harmonize their application portfolio and reduce complexity.

  • Business teams of citizen developers invent apps that streamline internal processes, improve mobile and digital access, and solve customer feature requests.

  • IT consultants rapidly create complex applications for client initiatives.

  • Independent software vendor (ISV) and entrepreneurs create minimum viable product (MVP) faster using agile iterations, while effortlessly delivering beyond customers’ expectations


Initially, the Flowfactory created its low-code platform in partnership with Siemens. The new version is web-based, making it possible to access from anywhere to build, launch and manage new applications.  In collaboration with early customers, the Flowfactory team has advanced the low-code experience to make it both powerful enough for enterprise developers and accessible enough for citizen developers.


"Wouldn't you like to be the kind of IT person who can say 'yes' to business and market demands?  Now you can do more than agree - you can come to business teams with your own question: 'What if?'" Lindqvist says.  "This is the kind of innovation evolution we are seeing with our clients - where ideas spring to life quickly, and applications can be configured rapidly and securely."


The Flowfactory platform delivers:


  • Full-stack application environment

  • Secure scaling and storage in Amazon Cloud

  • Agile, rapid development of any data-driven application

  • Onboarding services to ensure rapid and optimal utilization

  • Pre-packaged 100 hours of service to help customers get their first app launched quickly