Imagine...if you could get that next application up and running in a couple of weeks.

To help our customers experience Low-code we have developed a Kick-start package. 

By investing in a kick-start sprint (delivered by Flowfactory's on-boarding team or one of our certified partners) -  a new customer will quickly gain an understanding of how much can be done in a couple of weeks.

The experience should be amazing! 

What's the purpose?

The purpose is to give our customer a fantastic hands-on experience directly connected to their own business environment. By bringing together the customer idea with a certified configuration professional - we will scope the first real version of an application that will be up and running within three weeks.

The result should be a fully functioning application, that covers one or more workflows, that will make it possible for the customer to gain insight from important stakeholders. In essence - the kick-start is a decision support for the client to decide on a continued project and a deeper understanding of what is possible to achieve by using Flowfactory Low-code platform. 

Week 1

"The White board app"

Workshop 1

Discuss main Business Drivers and Objectives

Define on who's the customer-side product owner.

Clearly establish what is/is not included in the kick-start.

Pick a reasonably limited scope - define "low-hanging fruits."

Decide on views, fields and actions for a prioritized workflow.

Decide which users should be added to the experience of the real application.

Week 2

"The sprint"

Back in the office

Create a first version of what was defined and decided in workshop 1

Invite customer-side product owner to web-meeting for early feed-back

Adjust and refine. Get ready for work-shop 2 (Delivery)


Week 3

"The real experience"

Workshop 2

Open with the objectives of the application.

Provide a demo for the customer-side product owner and participants.

Make a list of feed-back during the demo and populate the back-log for the potential implementation project.

Provide log-in details for up to 10 users.

Set a date for follow-up and planning meeting, preferably within two weeks.


Kick-start is the third step in our How2Buy process. We have spent time and effort on developing a "How2Buy" process with the ambition to provide customer value throughout the customer journey - delivering the value, connected to the customer journey - the -Low-code way.
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