Selling the low-code way should be fun, easy and make sense for both our partners and our customers! 


This is why we have spent time and effort on developing a "How2Buy" process with the ambition to provide customer value throughout the customer journey. You can click on the different steps below to get a description and supporting material that is relevant for that step of the customer journey.


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"What is



"What could it
mean for us?"



"Let's kick-start
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What is low-code?

Typically this is the first step in the customer journey - finding out what Low-code is and the general benefits. Flowfactory will support you by providing a 20 minute introduction to Low-code. Book a time for yourself, and invite your customer - or enter your customer's details and we will contact them to find a suitable time!

Book a 20 minute web introduction to the Low-code revolution! During the meeting you will find out how low-code

  • Helps speed up your digital journey

  • Lets you build applications without coding

  • Turns heavy IT-projects into inspirational business projects

What could it mean for us - and why Flowfactory?

When an understanding of the general concept, and business benefits of Low-code, it may be time to enter the "what's in it for me?" - phase. This phase typically includes a product introduction or demo, and the customers will start to think about how Low-code could speed up the digital journey - and how Flowfactory in specific would fit into that picture.

Book a 30 minute web demo with our Customer Success Team, and you'll get introduced to Flowfactory low-code platform and learn how you...

  • Build powerful business applications quickly without coding 

  • Easily manage your application projects from idea to launch  

  • Turn heavy IT-projects into inspirational business projects

Kick-start a real app to gain buy-in and insight.

At this point it may be time to get into building a real application.


The reason customer take this first step is often two-pronged:

  • To gain buy-in from colleagues and customers 

  • To understand by own experience how low-code development is different

By investing in a kick-start sprint, delivered by Flowfactory's on-boarding team or one of our certified partners - the customer will understand how much can be done in a couple of weeks. The experience should be amazing! 

Get in touch with us today to start talking about what you need to build a first amazing application - and we'll help you get up to speed! We will show the customer how to:

  • Build powerful business applications quickly without coding 

  • Easily manage your application projects from idea to launch  

  • Turn application projects into inspirational business projects

Supporting material

Kick-start program

MSA - Master Subcription Agreement (Partner Access)

Implement - make it really happen.

Implementing a new application takes more than just creating and launching the application.

Change Management (for internal implementations) is often a critical success factor - why are we implementing this new application?, - what are the benefits, and "what's in it for me?" - are questions that need to be addressed.

Creating a road-map for adjustments and refinements and how to handle ongoing support are other aspects that our certified partners can provide via tailored SLAs. 

Supporting material

Implementation Plan Template (Partner Access)
MSA - Master subscription Agreement (Partner Access)
SLA template (Partner Access)