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Mjukvara utan programmering – ny megatrend

Mjukvara kan skapas utan systemutvecklare med den nya megatrenden ”low-code” som svenska Flowfactory erbjuder på sin plattform.

Flowfactory tar in kapital i övertecknad nyemission

Techbolaget Flowfactory tar in 11 MKR i investering från bland andra Johan Hernmarck, Mikael Hasslegren och Johan Klevby i en övertecknad nyemission.

The new mega trend: Swedish ”Ikea for programming” will resolve the lack of developers

Like Ingvar Kamprad made design furnitures available to the many people by inviting them into the assembling process, Flowfactory invites the user to the process of building business applications, writes Dagens Industri.

Low-code dominates the market - complex business applications without coding

Flowfactory is highlighted in low-code trendspotting article by IDG

Region Stockholm uses Flowfactory to build tailored digital tools in record time.

Region Stockholm uses the Flowfactory low-code platform to digitize applications processes. The first application was built and launched in only 8

Flowfactory: Like an IKEA for modular low-code application delivery

It’s no coincidence that I’d compare Flowfactory, an up-and-coming Sweden-based low-code application platform provider, to the ultimate Swedish big-box home goods retailer.